Reggio Emilia
“A child has a hundred languages”.They try to unite and develop all these languages,
with innovation, construction, fantasy, art, music, dance, building, writing, talking, singing,
science, body and soul.The multiple languages are used to help children
build knowledge and understand the world around them.
The child is an active participant in learning the significance of the environment
around them. The teacher, parent, and child collaborates in the
process of learning to make learning visible
The environment is considered the 3rd Great attention is given to the look and feel of
the center and classrooms. The environment reflects on the children’s work
The teacher’s main role is to work alongside the children: To provoke ideas,
problem solving, and resolve conflicts.
The Project Approach
Evolves from a desire to help studsents participate and contribute to a
democratic society. Studies show that democratic societies are more likely
to flourish when citizens seek an in depth understanding of complex issues and work to address their issues to make decisions
“Project Approach is the 21st Century’s best philosophy for learning”
Systematic instruction for the acquisition of skills, project work for the application of the skills acquired earlier
Phase 1: Beginning the Project
Phase 2: Developing the Project
Phase 3: Concluding the Project
Appropriate provision of areas for various kinds of work
Flexible furniture layout, for groups as well as individual work
Walls and horizontal surfaces for information, student’s work products, work in progress,
objects of interest notices, instructions, word lists, reminders, and plans
Convenient access and availability for resources and storage
Finished work products can be put in agreed convenient places where the teacher can check them
Monitors enlist students to help with managing space, work areas, and resources
The teacher assesses what is required based on his or her understanding of what students do not yet know,
cannot yet do, and what might be the best means of helping them acquire the necessary skills and understandings

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